Annual Deer Lease

Annual hunting leases, commonly called a "deer lease" are in high demand in Texas. Unlike other states, most of the land in Texas is privately owned. This means a person must obtain the land owners permission to hunt, fish, farm or any other activity on the land owners property, before accessing it. In the past, persons that wanted to access a land owners land for these types of activities would simply talk to them at the store, a town get-together, through a friend or family relative or by knocking on their door. Unfortunately that way of life now only exists in a small percentage of areas.

To bridge this gap, we have developed a chain of relationships with land owners, farmers and ranchers across the Northwest Texas area from Stephenville to Abilene to Wichita Falls to Gainesville to Fort Worth, and continually work towards locating and securing rights to access a land owners property. These efforts have helped us establish trust within these communities towards proper land management and stewards of the wildlife. We offer these leases to persons that share our passion for the outdoors as low fence, fair chase for hunting and private, managed fishing opportunities, at fair market price.

If you, your group or your family are shopping for a lease of this type, please email Mike Include the details that are desirable in a lease, such as the

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