Seasonal Waterfowl (DUCK) Lease

We offer Waterfowl leases in areas north and west of Fort Worth. See below for a general description of where the leases are located, and what a lease includes. Availability is limited and leases are offered on a first to pay, first to lease basis. Click the button within each description to see the list of available leases.


North area Duck Leases leased out for 2017 season


Located along I-20 from Weatherford to Cisco, we have multiple reservoirs, from 5 acres to 25 acres of surface water. Each private lease provides opportunity for the lessee to hunt over their own reservoir. Some of these are pit reservoirs with some submerged vegetation and water depth to 50', drawing puddle duck, diver duck, geese and Sandhill crane. One is an East Texas type reservoir with flooded timber. Some offer improved road top throughout the property, others may require a 4x4, ATV or UTV to access. Some have a launch area for watercraft. Reservoirs do not have existing blinds and vary in the natural cover available.

1Where available, may vary by lease